How to correctly deal with the bending phenomenon of the hands of Cartier high imitation watches

Watch wearers have noticed that when we use a watch, there will be many large and small problems, such as the inexplicable bending of the hands. So, why does the hand of Cartier high replica watches bend? The hands of the watch are bent, what should we do?

There are many reasons for the bending of the hands of the watch. It may be that we have bumped or fell during our daily use, or even when we adjust the time too fast, the hands of the watch will be stuck and the hands will bend. Moreover, the material of the pointer is generally aluminum alloy sheet. If the material of the pointer is too thin, the material is too soft is one of the reasons that the pointer is easy to bend. If you find that the hands are bent more obviously, the first thing to do is to stop the movement of the hands of the watch to prevent the hands from scratching the dial and causing secondary damage. After pulling out the crown, there will be problems with the watch's sealing and water resistance, so it should be sent to Cartier high fake watches professional repair shop for repair in time to prevent the watch from getting dusty.

The installation of the hands is a highlight, and a formal organization must be selected. If you are installing by yourself, you must pay attention to protecting the dial during the installation process. After all, a dial full of scratches is as unsightly as the scars on a human face. Therefore, it is best to place a dial on the dial when installing the hands. Layers of film to protect the dial. Of course, don't forget to do a waterproof test after all this is done, otherwise it will be more difficult for the watch to get wet.